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Kandinsky - the Munich years poster

Kandinsky - the Munich years poster

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The Munich years refer to the period of time that Wassily Kandinsky spent living and working in Munich, Germany. Kandinsky was born in Moscow, Russia, but he moved to Munich in 1896 to study art. He initially focused on representational painting, but he gradually began to experiment with more abstract forms and eventually became one of the pioneers of abstract art.

During his time in Munich, Kandinsky became involved in the Blue Rider movement, a group of artists who sought to express their ideas and emotions through abstract forms rather than representational imagery. Kandinsky's abstract paintings from this period, such as "Composition VIII" and "Small Worlds I," are characterized by their vibrant colors and expressive brushstrokes, and they helped to establish Kandinsky as one of the leading figures of the abstract art movement.

Archival paper & ink

Professionally printed on Epson archival matt paper. This archival paper offers vibrant color reproduction, high contrast and robust feel. 

Frame not included.

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