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Van Gogh Self Portrait 1887 poster

Van Gogh Self Portrait 1887 poster

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Vincent van Gogh's self-portrait from 1887 is a striking example of the artist's early work. Painted in oil on canvas, the portrait depicts the artist himself, with his intense gaze and thick, curly hair. He is set against a dark background, which serves to highlight the strong contrasts in the painting, particularly in the whites of his eyes and the highlights in his hair.

 Van Gogh's brushstrokes in this painting are bold and expressive, giving the work a sense of movement and energy. His use of color is also striking, with a limited palette of mostly earth tones and deep blues, which give the painting a somber, almost melancholic feel.

The artist's use of thick, visible brushstrokes is a characteristic feature of Van Gogh's early work. These brushstrokes create texture in the painting that can be seen in the thick impasto of the hair and clothing, and give the work a sense of depth and dimensionality

Archival paper & ink

Professionally printed on Epson archival matt paper. This archival paper offers vibrant color reproduction, high contrast and robust feel. 

Frame not included.


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