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Kandinsky small worlds V poster

Kandinsky small worlds V poster

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"Small Worlds v" is a painting by Wassily Kandinsky that was created in 1962. The painting is an abstract composition that features a central circle surrounded by smaller shapes and lines in a variety of colors, including red, blue, yellow, and green. The central circle is divided into four quadrants, each of which is filled with a different color. The surrounding shapes and lines are arranged in a chaotic and expressive manner, with no clear focal point or hierarchy.

As a pioneer of abstract art, Kandinsky believed that color and form had the power to evoke strong emotions and convey deep spiritual truths. In "Small Worlds I," the vibrant colors and expressive brushstrokes contribute to the overall dynamic and expressive nature of the composition. The central circle and the surrounding shapes and lines create a sense of movement and energy, inviting the viewer to explore the layers of meaning and emotion within the painting. Overall, "Small Worlds I" is a vibrant and expressive example of Kandinsky's abstract style.

Archival paper & ink

Professionally printed on Epson archival matt paper. This archival paper offers vibrant color reproduction, high contrast and robust feel. 

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